BrewDog and Pete Brown Save Cask Beer

Well that escalated didn’t it? 

In case you missed this latest social media storm at the weekend, let us remind you….. BrewDog have never been adverse to shock marketeering and click bait and several of their campaigns have been amusing, successful and far reaching in equal measure. It seems recently however, that they are having to push the boundaries further and further and are becoming even less worried about who they offend. 

Their latest output is a claim to have “reinvented cask beer” for the better. 

Ahem! Well excuse me! Heavens to Betsy! Etc etc……. WE WEREN’T AWARE IT NEEDED REINVENTING THANK YOU VERY MUCH. 


The hubris involved in this statement is staggering and it is a massive insult to pretty much every cask brewer across the country. Brewing is a tough game and often for very little reward. Long hours, physical work and when running a small business you can never really switch off. It’s a craft and one we are proud of. Producing cask conditioned beer is a skill and one that doesn’t come easily and takes years to hone and perfect. There are hundreds of breweries across Britain doing this really well and have been for years. There are also hundreds of pubs managing their cellars properly and looking after cask beer to ensure it ends up in the consumers glass in perfect condition. For BrewDog to come out and say that this art needs reinventing is, quite frankly, a huge insult to all the thousands of people working in the trade. One only had to see the reaction on Twitter from beer bloggers, breweries, pubs and industry professionals to realise that this was one marketing stunt too far. 

This was misguided and foolish and has upset a lot of people. BrewDog have even deleted the tweet and reposted with new wording in face of the backlash, however, the damage has been done. 

And we haven’t even mentioned the beer yet!!! Cask beer comes in a cask. Nowhere across the world are BrewDog team members laying down a cask for 24 hours, tapping, spiling and venting it for 24 hours before serving. Of course they aren’t. The “cask” beer they have produced is merely conditioned in keykegs and requires zero looking after whatsoever. Further more, this is quite simply a rehash of the “Live Beer” they released a few years ago. That esteemed beer writer Pete Brown has put his name to this campaign is even more shocking. 

We would love to invite James Watt, his marketing cronies and Pete Brown to Sussex to sample some of the wonderful cask beer on offer here from the likes of Harvey’s, Burning Sky, Downlands, Brighton Bier and we hope Franklins, amongst many others. 

Despite all the ranting and raving, however, BrewDog certainly have got people talking about cask beer and most importantly for them, about BrewDog. We wouldn’t be surprised if this was their aim from the outset. 

So, good people. Keep drinking cask from all the wonderful producers out there. And keep drinking the wonderful keg beer from BrewDog and all the other amazing brewers, but always remember, cask is king, has been for years and was never in need of reinvention!