Sour Power - Another Stunning Collab



Cheese and pickle, Robson and Jerome, MCBUSTED….!!! We could go on. The list of great British collaborations is endless. Good things happen when like minded people come together and that is something that we’re trying to continue with the great folk at Ascension Cider Co.

The little (Jaye, Franklins) and large (Matt, Ascension) of Sussex drinks production, first came together back in May and dreamt up the wonderful idea of turning the ever popular cider, Purple Haze into an equally wonderful sour beer, Purple Jaze (see what we did there).

Jaye brewed and soured the beer (using a sourdough starter from the wonderful people at Pizza Face, Brighton) and Matt came and added his expertise, love and gallons of the same fruit used in the cider. The result, even if we say so ourselves, was spectacular! And it wasn’t just us that thought so. The beer, available in keg and can, went down so well that it outstripped demand and was popular all over Sussex and beyond.

It made complete sense then to “get the band back together” for another exciting project.



Plans have been hatched, multiple Twitter DMs exchanged, dates set, dates changed, dates put back again and finally we managed to get together last weekend to start the brewing process. Jaye selflessly gave up her Sunday and armed with the finest sourdough starter, got the ball rolling on “Glow Up” - an Apple Pie Sour! Based on “Glow” by Ascension and with a not too subtle reference to Ru Paul’s drag race, we think this is going to be super special. A sour beer with apple, cinnamon and lemon, it will be aromatic, alluring, smooth and a beautiful balance between sweet and tart. It will be the perfect, refreshing, Autumnal drink and we think it will pair beautifully with roast meat dishes as well as rich deserts.

Available in keg and can from 7th October, keep an eye out for this in your local pubs and off licenses.

Quite FRANKly (lol) we can’t wait for it to Ascend (double lol) into your lives.

Here’s to Matt and Jaye, the undoubted PJ and Duncan of Sussex Brewing/Cider Pressing/Making Lovely Drinking Stuffs.



Andrew Cooper