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Core Cask

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What Mama Don't Know

Best Bitter. Made Better.
4.1% Vol.

Our 2019 reworking of our Best Bitter! We have slightly altered the recipe and rejigged the hop regime slightly to make our Best Bitter even better. 

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All Seasons Porter.
4.0% Vol.

We wanted to make a porter that could be enjoyed all year round and this is it. Coffee, chocolate and caramel yet still light and quaffable! 

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New England on The Sesh.
3.8% Vol.

Juicy and fruity session New England Pale. Plenty of hop aroma, smooth to drink, great session beer 

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Rotating Hop IPA.
5.0% Vol.

An ever changing IPA! A light, crackery malt base with rotating each time it's brewed. Contact us to find out which hops are in the latest batch. 

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Cask Special 


Hazy Session Pale
3.9% Vol.

Fruity session oatmeal pale coming at you for the end of summer. Creamy, smooth and full from the oats with no less than 7 hop varieties bringing tropical and fruity flavours and aroma.

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Cask Special (Available September)

How To Train Your Drayman

Double Dry Hopped American Amber
4.2% Vol.

Double dry hopped American amber which is far from toothless. Additions of Mosaic and Amarilo layering dank citrus and ripe berries on top of caramel edged light toast backbone.


Core Keg



A Lager
4.0% Vol.

This little guy is all about the sesh, the cheeky bevy with lunch, the two pints and a packet of crisps, Friday nights and Saturday arvos down the pub, with your work mates, on your first date, when you want a burger and a beer, when you just want a beer, in a pitcher during the footie, in a picture with your besties, round the dart board, round the pool table, get a round in. Lager for lager lovers, Lager for Louts.




Pils To Swallow

Sussex Pilsner
4.7% Vol. 

A German style beer, brewed in the Sussex heartland.  Crisp, refreshing and thirst quenching, this is the perfect summer drink for the beach or the park.  


Go Man Go

Tropical AF
4.0% Vol.

A hazy, tropical, juicy New England style pale with lashings of mango. This beer was so popular last summer that we just had to bring it back. With the fruit and the juiciness turned up to 11, this is the ultimate refreshing fruit.


Purple Jaze

Hella Purple
4.5% Vol.

Blackcurrant, blackberry and lemon Berliner Weisse in collaboration with our friends at Ascension Cider. Jaye brewed and soured the beer and Matt from Ascension added the same fruit used in their cider, Purple Haze.

A lovely example of when people from different backgrounds come together and make something they are both proud of.