The Franklins Community

As part of our ethos at Franklins we try and work with as many collaborators and community projects where possible whilst always looking towards sustainability and trying to close the circle where possible. We’re always working on new things and are currently exploring solar power for the far and also investigating ways to try and harness rain water into our processes.

If you have any ideas or are interested in collaborations, please get in touch.

Some of our most recent projects have included…


Optimist Beer Co.

A collaborative beer with Bagelman, taking leftover bread and turning it into delicious beer and donating some of the proceeds the the amazing Real Junk Food Project Brighton.



Not only do we produce an amazing beer “Pil Head” for the Brighton based pizza chain, we also use their sourdough as a starter for our sour beers.


Harriet’s of Hove

When our friend Harriet realised her life long dream opening up a plastic free pantry we didn’t have to think twice when asked if we could dispense beer there. 6 months in and the growler fills on Blatchington Road are still going down a storm!


Aecre Honey

We met with Adam from Aecre Honey and helped him to site 8 bee hives on the farm. Look out for a (very) locally sourced honey beer soon.